Genie Awards 2008: Les 3 P’tits Cochons (The 3 Little Pigs)

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Awards Season, News & Notes
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An interview with Genie Award winners Pierre Gendron and Christian Larouche.

Les 3 P’tits Cochons (The 3 Little Pigs) plot summary: In this comedy of manners, the feature’s ‘3 P’tits Cochons’ are three thirty-something brothers Mathieu (Claude Legault), Christian (Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge) and Remi (Paul Doucet). During the summer of 2006, they take turns recounting their lives to pass the time at their mother’s bedside, who is hospitalized and in a coma. They talk about the merits and pleasures of conjugal fidelity and infidelity, their marriages and longing to escape the boredom that has settled into their lives. With each passing day the conversation becomes increasingly explicit between the two younger brothers. As their fantasies evolve into the more and more risqué, they are driven to act on their desires, despite their older brother’s stricter principles and wary advice.


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