New on DVD: Automaton Transfusion

Posted: April 1, 2008 in DVD & Blu-ray Reviews
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Automation TransfusionBlood pours, limbs fly and the zombies run. Anything else that happens is just to get to the next gory scene.

Within 24 hours, an entire town is transformed into flesh-eating reanimated corpses. The first clue comes on an empty rush hour highway; the second is the stampede of a bunch of blood-drenched zombies. The loose storyline follows 3 friends (Garrett Jones, Rowan Bousaid and William Howard Bowman) as they battle the horde of undead, rescue girlfriends and try to stay alive.

While the acting of the first-time feature male leads is competent, their female counterparts are reminiscent of the early horror actresses casted because they looked the part, not because they filled it. These girls are unbelievable as they jump from hysterical to forceful, sobbing obviously fake tears. Luckily the focus of this film is not the story (evident from the 20 minutes of dialogue) but the gore.

The special effects team was headed by Rick Gonzales who had previously worked on George Romero’s Day of the Dead with legendary effects artist Tom Savini. The carnage achieved using minimal resources is worthy of the bloodshed in Dead Alive (but less pink), although the living are easily ripped apart by the zombies. In addition, filmmakers claim to have something never-before-seen in a horror flick: a zombie eating a human fetus.

The real pleasure of watching this DVD came from the commentary by director Steven C. Miller and two of the film’s producers. While the movie is just a series of bloody massacres and zombies running amok, the commentary provides insight into the making of a truly low-budget feature that requires the cooperation of friends and family and the inevitable mishaps that follow.

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