Made of Honor

Posted: May 2, 2008 in Film Reviews
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THEY MAKE THE CUTEST NON-COUPLE: Michelle Monaghan and Patrick Dempsey in a scene from Made of Honor (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures)Granted, it’s a romantic comedy plot we’ve seen many times before: a character finds out their best friend is getting married, only to realize they too are in love and must break up the wedding to complete their own happiness. Everyone remembers My Best Friend’s Wedding with Dermot Mulroney as the groom-to-be and Julia Roberts as the smitten schemer.

However, this retelling of the classic plot brings a twist to the story – the enlightened conspirator is a man trying to stop the marriage of his best female friend.

Tom (Patrick Dempsey) is a successful, sexy man who never has to sleep alone – his life is a revolving door of empty sexual encounters. However, for good conversation and routine, he knows he can always rely on his delightful best friend Hannah (Michelle Monaghan). Tom’s life is perfect until Hannah goes to Scotland for a six-week business trip and he realizes his life is empty without her. He decides to propose to Hannah upon her return, but she comes back with a wealthy, handsome Scottish fiancé (Kevin McKidd). As her best friend, Hannah asks Tom to be her maid of honour and he reluctantly agrees, hoping to use the extra alone time to woo her and replace the groom.

The role reversal in this rom-com really ups the laughs as Tom is forced to rely on his male friends for support to “steal the bride,” while Hannah’s friend’s submerse him in a world ruled by estrogen and advise him on his typically female-role. When the girls fill Tom in on his M.O.H. duties, you can almost sense his testicles receding.

Furthermore, fiancé Colin is constantly one-upping Tom with his singing, dunking ability and overall physical strength, making Tom’s plans harder to execute. But this film upholds the belief love and happiness is not just about finding the perfect person but finding the perfect person for you.

Of course parts of it are predictable; but competent acting, a little chemistry, and a genuinely funny script is what makes a romantic comedy good – not surprise twists and turns.

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