POW! THWAP! CRASH! BOOM! Flash Point has so many hits, you’ll hardly be able to keep up – and they are as close to real as you’ll get in the film world.

Detective Jun Ma (Donnie Yen) has been involved in 14 operations this year and averages injuring 2.8 people per operation. Currently, his attention is focused on three drug-dealing brothers: Archer (Lui Leung-Wai), Tony (Collin Chou) and Tiger (Yu Xing). Jun’s partner, Wilson (Louis Koo), has infiltrated the gang and gained their trust; but when they discover his secret, he is left crippled by a failed murder attempt. Regardless, the gang is too dangerous to be left on the street and it is up to Jun and Wilson to make the city safe again.

Yen utilizes MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to its full extent, creating an action film like none seen before it. As an action choreographer, he insists all the scenes appear unique, even if the scenario has been done many times before. As a result, the action is exceptionally thrilling. Furthermore, the rapid-fire editing only enhances the intensity of the fight sequences.

The deleted scenes are mostly about establishing the brothers’ humanity and are not missed in the final cut. The main focus of the commentary, behind-the-scenes gallery and other features is the action choreography; but as impressive as the end product is, it is fascinating to see the process behind the scenes.

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