New on DVD: Smiley Face

Posted: July 21, 2008 in DVD & Blu-ray Reviews
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Smiley Face is the lesser-told story of the slacker female. She spends her days high, satisfying the munchies and playing computer games. Her name is Jane F.

Jane (Anna Faris) wakes up to a day of unusually important tasks: her roommate (Danny Masterson) has, for whatever reason, entrusted her to pay the electric bill or risk disconnection and she has an acting audition. To get things rolling, she gets high then violates the roommate code by eating cupcakes specifically labelled “Do NOT eat! This means YOU Jane.” After consuming the entire batch, she realizes the icing-covered muffins were laced with more pot. Now stupidly stoned, replacing eaten dessert is added to the list of “things to do,” along with repay Steve the dealer (Adam Brody) before he confiscates furniture and return original copy of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.”

This is the female version of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle trying to get to a hemp festival or the solo adventure of Dazed and Confused’s Slater if he was a girl. And it wouldn’t be worth a peek if it was not for Faris’ extraordinary portrayal of Jane F. She has no limits, exploring physical comedy and neglecting her personal appearance throughout as she wanders around red-eyed in pyjamas.

Smiley Face is the first film to feature the Scary Movie alum and she delivers a breakout performance, equally funny and believable. She is supported by The Office’s John Krasinski (roommate’s nerdy friend who’s in love with Jane) and Harold-himself, John Cho (who participates in an odd fantasy sequence in a sausage factory and another in his pickup).

The short “making of” featurette reveals why a pretty, intelligent young woman would take on such a role and her approach to the brilliant economist pothead.

Now on DVD, this flick is likely headed to cult-fame to be enjoyed by stoners and former-stoners alike. “C’mon man, it’s gonna be fucking transformative!”

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