The last man on Earth plot has been recycled countless times. Conversely, Blindness deals with a woman who feels exceedingly alone during an epidemic.

An unexplained outbreak of blindness spreads exponentially through the city and in lieu of any other plan, everyone who is infected is placed in quarantine. A doctor (Mark Ruffalo who is also making a TIFF appearance in The Brothers Bloom) is one of the first to enter the designated area with his wife (Julianne Moore), who is not affected but unwilling to leave her husband alone and helpless. The tale then becomes one of a woman stretched to her limits and a makeshift society run amok.

In addition to Ruffalo and Moore, Gael Garcia Bernal turns in an impressive performance as the self-proclaimed king of thieves, Danny Glover is the rational older gentleman, Alice Braga is the prostitute with the golden heart, and Don McKeller, who wrote the script and likes to appear in films to which he contributes, plays the belligerent patient.

The movie is an interesting look at one woman’s struggle, often conjuring imagery from zombie and apocalypse films. Unfortunately, the final half-hour slows down so much that you feel each minute drag past. If repetitive details were restricted, the film’s pace would be better. Furthermore, the ending feels superfluous.

In the end, what could have been a great film based on story and abilities of the director (Fernando Meirelles) and cast is made mediocre by pacing issues.

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