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Great television came to home video this month with the first chapter of a sci-fi invasion series, an acclaimed WWII miniseries, a collection of classic holiday specials and a beloved ‘60s animated mystery series. Other releases also deal with learning how to overcome difficulties, befriending an enemy and doing whatever it takes to make it work. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a car restorer being pulled into the world of espionage by the man of her dreams; a warrior escapes his imprisonment to find his true self; and the vampire phenomenon becomes the new target of the satiric comedy. (more…)

A scene from Made in DagenhamThere are certain rights generations X through Z do not have to live without because brave men and women before them fought to ensure they’d never have to. Though women are still conquering the glass ceiling in some workplaces, another group guaranteed they’d at least be paid the same amount as their male counterparts for the same work. The battle began 40 years ago in a car plant and had repercussions that were felt the world over. Made in Dagenham is an entertaining dramatization of the events that led to this revolution. (more…)

In 2006, Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth painted a frightening picture of the Earth’s future. The gist was if everyone does not make significant efforts to curb global warming, the planet is doomed. Cool It presents a slightly different outlook based on the findings of environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg. (more…)

Dwayne Johnson in a scene from FasterFaster is a straight up revenge film. A wrong was done and the perpetrators made a dangerous man’s list. Throw a killer-for-hire with “issues” into the mix and you have a ridiculous, but somewhat entertaining movie. (more…)

It’s a short list of releases this week with a woman on a journey of discovery and a love story entwined with political turmoil. (more…)

Elizabeth Banks and Russell Crowe in The Next Three DaysLove is a powerful thing. It often defies reason and makes a person do things not in his/her character. But how far will certain people go for the one they love? John Brennan is willing to lie, steal and kill for his wife. But the question becomes whether she wants him to do these things for her. (more…)