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This week’s releases include: a deal with dangerous strings attached; two unlikely companions end up on a road trip together; and a love story about a family dealing with life’s big questions. (more…)

Alex Pettyfer in a scene from I Am Number FourThe trailer for this movie looked a little intense for a Disney picture, but it’s actually no darker than the last couple of Harry Potter flicks. Similarly, there’s a fair bit of CGI and an ending that will lead to another beginning (not to give anything away, but it is based on the first book in a proposed series of six). (more…)

This week’s releases include: a captivating tale of envy and ambition; the epitome of love stories; a single location murder mystery; the third chapter in a Muay Thai extravaganza; a missile on rails; the latest Woody Allen picture; and a gorier sequel to a serial killer flick. (more…)

Javier Bardem in BiutifulThere are certain films we watch repeatedly, whether it’s because it makes us laugh, warms our hearts, gets our adrenaline pumping or is simply a masterwork. Then there are films you only feel the need to watch once – not because it’s bad or boring, but because the original experience was so strong viewing it again would lack the initial’s impact. After watching Biutiful, you may not feel the need to do it again because it’s very emotionally draining, but it definitely warrants at least one screening. (more…)

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler and Brooklyn Decker in a scene from Just Go With ItAdam Sandler has starred in a wide spectrum of roles, ranging from over-the-top personalities in movies such as Little Nicky and Billy Madison to sympathetic, serious characters in films such as Punch Drunk Love and Funny People. His role in Just Go With It falls somewhere in between these performances, as he is moderately humorous and somewhat serious. Otherwise, it has the predictability of your standard romcom. (more…)

Channing Tatum and Denis O'Hare in a scene from The EagleI really enjoy movies set in the times of Romans. It may have something to do with the ultimate masculinity of the soldiers, their appreciation for beauty and leisure, or the bloody violence that was inherent in their culture. In any case, I find these films very attractive. So The Eagle was on my must-see list and it delivers a satisfactory tale of courage and brutality. (more…)

This week’s releases include: both the original and remake of a highly controversial rape-revenge movie; an uplifting comedy about finding sanity in an unlikely place; a romcom about unexpected parenthood; the latest horror movie from a legendary director; a sexy romp into a classic tale; a humorous look at being a virgin in high school; and a funny story about an eccentric assassin. (more…)