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A monster from InsidiousThere hasn’t been a good, true haunting flick in a while. Most recent releases have been rehashes of ‘70s and ‘80s films, which leave little room for surprise. The genre has been longing for an injection of originality and it’s finally received a healthy dose. When it was announced the creators of Saw, director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, were re-teaming AND joining forces with the producers of Paranormal Activity, genre fans were shivering with anticipation. The consequence of this union is far from disappointing. The film’s telling title is Insidious, which is a word used rarely but never more aptly. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a sci-fi tour de force; a famous, tragic love story; a plunge into darkness; the true story of a kind-hearted drug dealer; the ultimate public, political betrayal; an entrancing mafia tale; a new Charlie Brown narrative; an amazing crime drama; an appalling future; an HBO series about the New Orleans; and a documentary that demonstrates one man’s trash is another’s treasure. (more…)

Julie Gayet in a scene from Eight Times UpThe world is recovering from a period in which finding a job felt, and often proved, nearly impossible. Add to the scarcity of employment a lack of qualifications, skills and desirable personality traits, and getting a decent job becomes an unachievable goal. For the two characters in Eight Times Up, it’s their peculiar approach to dealing with their problems that makes the narrative interesting. (more…)

Rutger Hauer in Hobo with a ShotgunThe grindhouse picture has experienced somewhat of a reawakening in recent years. There are DVDs featuring the genre’s most absurd offerings or little known gems; late night screenings of movies that would disintegrate in the cleansing light of day; and a spattering of the deranged that has made it into mainstream cinema. The latest perpetrators are a team of Canadians who turned a friendly insult into an on-screen bloodbath. (more…)

This week’s release include: a rom-com about finding Mr. Right; the real-life tale of a drug dealer; a sequel to a bizarre, almost all-girl adventure; a wrong place, wrong time spy flick; and the quarter-century anniversary release of a film about growing up. (more…)

Kristen Wiig, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in a scene from PaulThe attraction so many feel towards this film has a simple motivation: its pair of geek celebrity stars, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The writing/acting duo first captured our attentions in the breakout zombie romantic comedy Shaun of the Dead, and then they maintained them with their followup, Hot Fuzz. The trailers for their third film, Paul, looked promising and it won’t disappoint. The guys take their fandom to a new level of dedication and hilarity – the stoner alien is simply a bonus. (more…)

Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in The King's SpeechAlliance Films and Canadian Motion Picture Exhibitors have joined together to donate proceeds from select presentations in major Canadian cities of the Academy Award winning film The King’s Speech. (more…)