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A scene from Attack the BlockMost sci-fi pictures dealing with alien invasion concentrate on the military and government’s efforts to address the invading force. But any good horror movie will tell you the higher powers tend to be slow to the take, so you’ll probably have to take matters into your own hands. That sentiment is two-fold when you live in an inner city neighbourhood and would probably get blamed for the surrounding mayhem before cops even figured out they should be worried about E.T. (more…)

Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in a scene from Cowboys & AliensIf extraterrestrials do exist, there’s no reason to believe their explorations of our planet would only begin in the twentieth century. Thus, the melding of the western and alien sci-fi genres was inevitable. However, the quality of the picture could not be so easily predicted. Thankfully, an excellent cast and crew came together to make Cowboys & Aliens an enjoyable movie experience. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an overview of a complicated family; mankind’s first trip to Mars; a sci-fi depiction of a dog eat dog world; all five seasons of the exploration of the Lost City; a never-before-seen adaption; an indie drama about indie rockers; a tale about AI gone bad; and the story of a boy forced to make difficult decisions. (more…)

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in the middle of a flash mob in Friends with BenefitsOne of the first things people say about this film is, “Didn’t this movie come out already? No Strings Attached, right?” Yes, Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman released a film with the same premise earlier this year. But all the things it lacked are found in Friends with Benefits. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an entertaining, lovable drunk; a new type of drug addict; a family spiralling out of control; and a group of people fighting for what belongs to them. (more…)

Image from Winnie the PoohMany of the cartoons from my childhood have received contemporary updates, often to their detriment — for me anyway. There are few animations that maintain my adoration post-renovations. On the other hand, the ones that stay true to the original style and story arcs tend to fare better in my opinion. Happily, Winnie the Pooh falls into the latter category. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a Roger Corman monster movie; a breathtaking documentary; a good ol’ fashioned haunting flick; a legal dilemma; a political minefield; a not-so-typical sequel;  a set of films from a legendary starlet; a collection of classic books on film; and England’s national poet recited in moving pictures. (more…)