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This week’s releases include: a blood-spattered massacre; a modern day film noir; a law-breaking legacy; an historical kangaroo court; the first appearance of Pai Mei; a tale about a dangerous friendship; an unsuccessful assassination; a little known comedy; the never-ending troubles of a motorcycle club; the second instalment of another vampire and werewolf tale; a traditional horror picture; and a moving drama about a pseudo-father/son relationship. (more…)

Fan Expo logoFour days of cosplay, gaming, autograph signings, Q&As, workshops and shopping have come to a close. Fan Expo 2011 occupied two levels of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with an added day and much improved logistics from the fiasco that was last year’s event. (more…)

Paul Rudd in Our Idiot BrotherWe all know someone like the lead character in Our Idiot Brother: generous, kind and, consequently, indescribably gullible. We worry they’ll be taken advantage of or that the unforgiving, competitive world will eat them alive. But you also can’t help but to adore them for being so hones and having all these qualities. That’s the relationship director Jesse Peretz builds between the audience and Ned. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an eccentric solution for depression; a little told war story; another season of rumours; a clever assassin plays both sides; the story of a non-educated delinquent; a candid look at moviemaking; a reunion of after the conclusion of a television series; a series of innovative gunfights; a horror story in the woods; a first-person perspective adventure; and an ‘80s love story. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a demonstration of the survival of the fittest; the true story of daring journalists; a cop that doesn’t play by the rules; a future that must confront its violent past; the defeat of a terrorist hijacking; a sequel to a contemporized Grimm fairy tale; an overdramatic love story; the anthropomorphising of a Labrador retriever; a teenager’s date with his dream woman; a couple of Muppets adventures; a unique take on the vampire; and an explosive story of revenge. (more…)