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Evan Glodell in a scene from BellflowerIf you’ve never heard of this movie, that’s okay. Most of the people involved are basically newcomers. But watch the trailer. It’s not often I make this recommendation (because I think trailers are the ultimate spoilers), but this one provides a glimpse of the masterful camerawork featured in Bellflower. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a Chinese legend about a knife; a reality-check; a Bollywood crime flick; a ‘70s saga; a series of get rich quick plans; a less sexy gigolo; a clash of belief systems; two sequels in a successful horror franchise; and a classic story brought to the screen. (more…)

A scene from Juan of the DeadThe zombie is a universal monster. It knows no color or creed, reanimating and attacking everyone equally. So, regardless of the explanation, there’s no reason the affliction shouldn’t cross to the island paradise of Cuba and turn it into a bloody playground. (more…)

A scene from KotokoPostpartum depression is a serious mental illness that affects an estimated 13 per cent of mothers. Symptoms include problems sleeping and thoughts of suicide, and it can have a negative impact on a child’s development. It’s unclear when Kotoko’s illness began, but it appears to have become significantly worse since the birth of her son. (more…)

A scene from CountdownDespite the title and important deadline, Countdown wouldn’t really be categorized as a “race against the clock” picture. It rarely even provides a time check. Instead, it begins as a pretty straightforward action film; but by the end, it transforms into something entirely and unexpectedly different. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a slasher sequel; a dark, cyberpunk future; a political docudrama; an historical trek through South America; an eccentric family’s opening season; a police mystery; a fantastic mandated job; and a physical odyssey. (more…)

A scene from Once Upon a Time in AnatoliaOnce Upon a Time in Anatolia… a large group consisting of police, public officials, military and civilian workers were led through a dark, Turkish desert by a man accused of murder. They were in search of the buried body of his victim – only he couldn’t remember exactly where he placed it. So they trek blindly through the desolate land, stopping at the slightest recognition of a landmark only to discover it’s similar to a place marker that can be found further up the road. The search continues to be fruitless and tensions rise as the night grows longer. But the conversation never gets tired. (more…)