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A scene from Some Guy Who Kills PeopleSome Guy Who Kills People is set to be the sleeper hit of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Though it screened at 1:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon, it was surely one of the strongest films programmed this year. Executive producer John Landis knows something about horror films, so his backing of this movie gives it a little more clout – though it’s more than capable of impressing audiences on its own merits. (more…)

A scene from War of the DeadThe second screening on zombie appreciation night at Toronto After Dark was the world premiere of War of the Dead. The film that was in production for nearly a decade was shot in Lithuania for approximately £1.3 million ($2 million CAD). For all its expense, the film’s lengthy assembly appears to have benefitted it in some ways, but hurt it in others. (more…)

A scene from DeadheadsThe zombie comedy is a sub-genre with a variety of hits and misses. It’s likely Shaun of the Dead will long be the film to which all others are compared. But DeadHeads is a surprising success story, as the trailer did not put the film in the best light. Nonetheless, the first film of Toronto After Dark’s zombie appreciation night is a laugh-out-loud success. (more…)

A scene from RedlinePut simply, if you’re a fan of action anime or an admirer of Speed Racer but always wished it was a little edgier, then Redline is for you. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to see Japanese animation films on the big screen, but Toronto After Dark‘s Saturday afternoon programming of this adrenaline ride was a selection to which many were looking forward. (more…)

A still from Father's DayIf you’ve ever seen a Troma film, you come to know what to expect when you see the company’s name attached to a project (see The Toxic Avenger or Poultrygeist). However, Father’s Day is not your typical Troma movie; probably because it’s the brainchild of the Winnipeg filmmaking collective Astron-6, who have shown several short films at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival over the years. This is their graduation to feature-length filmmaking. (more…)

A scene from Exit HumanityAs if civil war era pictures were not depressing enough, writer/director John Geddes decided these disparate people also needed to worry about a zombie epidemic. Thus, he came up with the concept for Exit Humanity, which is one of three zombie films screening at this year’s Toronto After Dark. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an alien invasion; an environmental crusader; an unique serial killer story; a guilt-driven monster movie; a British spy drama; and the third sequel to a horror movie. (more…)