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This week’s releases include: a war ignored by the world; an unusual bank robbery; a sci-fi art film; a teen reconsiders his rebellion; a collection of bad movies; an interesting love story; a free-spirit sticks to his ideals; a legendary detective takes on challenging mysteries; and a misunderstanding leads to awkward bloodshed. (more…)

A scene from My Week with MarilynTo say Marilyn Monroe is an icon is like saying the sky is blue – it’s an indisputable fact. We’re familiar with her on-screen presence, her breathtaking Playboy spread, and her high profile marriages and affairs. But few have attempted to document the tragedy that lurked behind the headlines in a way that wasn’t sensationalist. My Week with Marilyn is a glimpse at the girl behind the star. (more…)

A scene from The MuppetsMy theory is everyone has a favourite Muppet. Whether it’s the lovable Kermit the Frog, the comparably giant Sam Eagle or the goofy Swedish Chef, the Muppets offer a personality that appeals to everybody. That’s one of its charms and what gives it the longevity it’s experienced – the first episode of The Muppets Show aired in 1976. And unlike many of our other childhood favourites that resurfaced after long hiatuses, this movie is everything you hope it would be. (more…)

Review: Arthur Christmas

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Film Reviews

A scene from Arthur ChristmasArthur Christmas is an instant holiday staple. This is a bold statement I realize, but it’s one I’m willing to stand behind. Most holiday movies are sappy drivel or dark tales of sabotage, but some truly remind us how much fun this season is supposed to be. And if this film doesn’t reinforce your faith in Santa Claus (or at least your holiday spirit), nothing will. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a journey through a boy’s imagination; a terrifying situation; a family of secret agents; a muscular warrior adventure; a fact or fiction mystery; a cop’s dilemma; two features by a historic director; a twin performance; a family turned upside down; the end to a decade’s long journey; an ‘80s buddy picture; an immoral life path; a quest for morality; a reluctant father embraces his children; and a journey through the past to recover the present. (more…)

Face Off posterWhen Canadians began making films, they were more concerned with showcasing our history and culture than trying to make a commercial success. Thus we produced many shorts and documentaries, and movies about surviving the infamous winters or settling the nation, which appealed to a particular but limited audience. Eventually however, there were a few filmmakers who sought to put our country on the map through the moving picture. Producer John F. Bassett is one example of these forward thinkers. (more…)

This week’s releases include: supernatural creatures trying to co-exist; a new imagining of King Arthur; the creation of “The Chin”; a hockey romance; a mysterious monster invasion; a funny, complicated burglary; the inspiration for The Departed; a mature love story; a classic cartoon set; and an Asian archeologist’s adventure. (more…)