Archive for February, 2012

This week’s releases include: a striking history of film; a superhero calamity; an alliance of physical traits; a delightful animation; a tale at sea; and a paralyzed DJ who has faith forced upon him. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a Canadian masterwork; a cop series set in Ontario; a father and son try to reconcile; discord in war; the secret life of an American icon revealed; a hapless love story; a story of redefining oneself; a true fight for what’s right; a sparse virus narrative; and an unconventional Western.

This week’s releases include: a return to zombie’s roots; police corruption in Brazil; an exercise in investing in society; an award-winning Dr. Seuss original; a gospel singer rises to the top; new adventures from the New York zoo; a filmmaker/actor reunion; and a story of redemption. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a stoner holiday special; a case of mistaken identity; a family from hell; a real-life terrorist hi-jacking; a classic K-9 love story; an ill-fated relationship; a space parody; a philosophical debate; and a severe cop drama. (more…)