Archive for March, 2012

This week’s releases include: an all-star voice cast for a second squeak-quel; giant, carnivorous spiders; a romantic classic; a biopic of an ancient teacher; a famous but underrated director is given his due; a boy’s quest for closure; and a wrestling tournament for the ages. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an alternative to The Hunger Games; a cloud of mutated insects; a parental dispute; a narrative art film; a hasty remake; a return of old friends; and a disastrous night on the job. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a classic comic brought to the screen; an uncommon approach to capturing criminals; a second round with a morally corrupt car salesman; a husband forced to deal with several life-altering discoveries at once; a new generation of dancing penguin; an engaging murder mystery; an examination of despair; a fresh take on a classic; a seductive dream world; spotlights on two legendary actresses; an action adventure by land and air; an animated tale of magic and war; and an unredeemable character goes home. (more…)

This week’s new releases include: a short but hot relationship; animals’ lesson in sharing; an overt psychopath; a game of emotion; extreme office politics; a musical remake; a life-and-death competition; a comedian takes on two opposing roles; a long distance love story; a religious satire; a Scandinavian original; a three-part saga; a medical miracle; a dancer drama; a Hitchcock mystery; an unequal sequel; a question of betrayal; and a Western based in vengeance. (more…)