Archive for June, 2012

This week’s releases include: an entertaining buddy cop comedy; a special anniversary edition; the latest reimagining of a classic tale; a Dr. Seuss staple remastered; a fairy tale given a new treatment; and the sequel to an otherworldly battle. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a zombie period piece; a not-so-sexy story about a stripper; an eccentric comedy from a rising brother team; an epic shindig; a collection of tragedies; and an updated version of Harvey. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a special effects picture; a Friends-like comedy; an original bromance; a new addition to the Leatherface genre; a realistic mutant story; a new Washington drama; a detective gets a second case; and conflicting hero strategies collide. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a new kind of military drama; the will to survive; a true sci-fi adventure; the ultimate distraction; and a romance undone. (more…)