Archive for March, 2013

‘Ginger & Rosa’ are best friends for now – ‘Ginger & Rosa’ is about two teenage girls growing up in 1960s London under the shadow of the Cuban Missile Crisis as a critical decision redefines their relationship.

‘Spring Breakers’ arouses a strong response – ‘Spring Breakers’ is a psychedelic carousel of sex, drugs and violence in the name of sisterhood, escape and just having a good time.

New on DVD for March 26 – This week’s releases include a family friendly feature; a couple of films about family; significantly different crime dramas; and an Oscar-worthy performance.

‘Admission’ makes the cut – ‘Admission’ centres on two people who are forced to re-evaluate their life choices when they are confronted with opposing views.

‘The Last Pogo Jumps Again’ captures a flash in music history

Digital Media Summit engages over engagement – Digital Media Summit is Canada’s social media and interactive marketing conference held annually in conjunction with Canadian Music Week.

‘The Croods’ are moving into theatres – ‘The Croods’ are challenging for top spot in the category of favourite prehistoric family as they contend with earthquakes and young love.