Archive for May, 2013

‘After Earth’ doesn’t warrant an afterthought – In ‘After Earth’, a father and son crash land on Earth 1,000 years after events forced humankind to abandon the planet and resettle under an alien threat.

New on DVD for May 28 – This week’s releases include a troubling horror story; research gone horribly awry; an amusing collection of library titles; and an original diva classic.

‘Fast & Furious 6’ is full throttle all the way – In ‘Fast & Furious 6,’ Dom and Brian have an unexpected team reunion when Hobbs asks for their help taking down a criminal mastermind and his crew of mercenary drivers in exchange for full pardons.

New on DVD for May 21 – This week’s releases include a throwback to old school action movies; a waste of an action; a fantastic movie with Hollywood veterans; a personal venture in storytelling; and the latest chapter in a supernatural saga.

‘La Jetée’ is a sci-fi education – ‘La Jetée’ is Chris Marker’s influential science fiction classic and one of cinema’s most profound meditations on time and memory.

New on DVD for May 14 – This week’s releases include an unconventional spectacle of vigilante justice; a filmic accomplishment; and an ill-conceived attempt at a reboot.

‘The Manor’ is a house of frustration – ‘The Manor’ is an intimate portrayal of a Jewish family battling serious health issues while trying to nurse the family business – a small town strip club – back into shape.