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Travel to ‘Cherbourg’ and ‘Rochefort’ with Jacques Demy – French auteur Jacques Demy’s take on the Hollywood musical is showcased in a full TIFF Cinematheque retrospective of his work, including ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg’ and ‘The Young Girls of Rochefort.’

‘The Heat’ is a little undercooked – ‘The Heat’ is about an uptight FBI agent who is forced to team up with a bad-tempered Boston cop to take down a ruthless drug dealer.

‘White House Down’ is the right kind of ridiculous – In ‘White House Down’, a Capitol policeman is unofficially promoted to Secret Service when the president’s life is threatened by an organized takeover of the Executive Mansion.

TIFF retrospective showcases Jacques Demy’s history with Lola (Photos)

Her name was ‘Lola’ and she worked in a ‘Model Shop’ – Legendary French director Jacque Demy is the focus of a full TIFF Cinematheque retrospective, featuring his first female protagonist in ‘Lola’ and her return to the screen in ‘Model Shop.’