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New on DVD for August 27 – This week’s releases include the latest from some of television’s top series; a few high-def library classics; an unbelievable true story; some entertaining movies for the kids – and kids at heart; and a gorgeous adaptation of a classic novel.

‘Closed Circuit’ is endlessly predictable – In ‘Closed Circuit’, the defense team assigned to a high-profile terrorism case is forced to rely on each other when their lives are placed in danger by certain evidence.

TIFF spotlight on female Turkish filmmakers includes examination of masculinity

‘Concrete Park’ confronts macho stereotypes in Turkey – ‘Concrete Park’ is a perceptive documentary exploring what it means to be a young man in contemporary Turkey with limited prospects and outdated views of masculinity.

‘The Grandmaster’ is an auteur’s tribute to another master – ‘The Grandmaster’ is the story of martial-arts master Ip Man, tracing the path that brought him to Hong Kong to eventually train Bruce Lee.