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‘We Are What We Are’ takes the gore out of eating people (Video)

‘The Counselor’ doesn’t miss a beat – In ‘The Counselor’, a lawyer finds himself running for his life after he overcomes years of resistance and becomes involved in drug trafficking.

‘Eega’ is one of a kind – In ‘Eega’, a man is murdered and reincarnated into a housefly that vows revenge against his killer while still wooing his true love.

‘Big Ass Spider’ packs a lot of fun in the trunk – A ‘Big Ass Spider’ escapes a military lab and it’s up to a team of scientists and a brave exterminator to keep it from spinning a city-wide web of chaos.

‘We Are What We Are’ questions traditions cloaked in blood – In ‘We Are What We Are’, the Parkers follow an ancient, divisive practice that gives the eldest female members responsibilities beyond those of a typical family.