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‘The Great Beauty’ is only pretty on the outside – ‘The Great Beauty’ follows an aging man who finds himself taking stock of his fast-paced lifestyle, and turning his wit on himself and his contemporaries.

‘That Awkward Moment’ is often embarrassing – In ‘That Awkward Moment,’ three best friends find themselves at that vital moment where they must decide if they’re dating a girl or just having fun.

‘Labor Day’ is a labour of love – In ‘Labor Day,’ a depressed single mother and her son offer a ride to injured man being sought by police, but as they learn more about him their options become limited.

New on DVD for January 28 – This week’s releases include a couple of Jack Lemmon’s classics; a sequel that is as surprising as its predecessor; a contentious portrayal of a controversial man; and an Oscar snub and unexpected nominee.

‘Godard Forever’ is one-half of a revolutionary body of work