Archive for February, 2014

New on DVD for February 25 – This week’s releases include live-action and animated comedies from the small screen; an otherworldly superhero with an amazing bonus feature; a couple of Oscar contenders; and two that were left off the ballot.

Desecrating the remains of ‘Pompeii’ – ‘Pompeii’ chronicles the volcanic destruction of an ancient port city through the narrative of a young gladiator who must battle to save his beloved.

New on DVD for February 18 – This week’s releases include a first-rate horror picture; a few excellent documentaries chronicling a range subjects; and two TV shows that take betrayal to new levels.

You don’t need to know ‘About Last Night’ – In this remake of ‘About Last Night,’ two couples go from the bar to the bedroom and eventually attempt to see if their relationships will survive beyond four-posters.

New on DVD for February 11 – This week’s releases include some blasts from the distant and more recent past, as well as hope for a better future; and a frank discussion about a scandal that rocked the sports world.

‘RoboCop’s suit not the only difference – In ‘RoboCop,’ Alex Murphy is critically injured in the line of duty and turned into a part-man, part-robot police officer by a ruthless organization.

‘The Monuments Men’ is an unfinished work – In ‘The Monuments Men,’ an unlikely group are designated with the task of rescuing artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their owners.