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‘I Am Big Bird’ is a delightful record of the character and man

‘Survivor’ doesn’t show much fight – ‘Survivor’ is a middling action thriller that squanders its opportunity to be better by failing to showcase the talents of its leading actress.

New on DVD for May 26 – This week’s releases include a hilarious supernatural mockumentary; a less funny unnatural thriller; several ‘70s creature features; an action-packed historical miniseries; and the second season following a highly volatile family.

‘Banksy Does New York’ recreates the whole satirical affair – ‘Banksy Does New York’ is a record of how the city reacted to the artist’s 31-day residency that included a variety of multimedia art with a political undertone.

‘Tomorrowland’ let’s its imagination run wild – ‘Tomorrowland’ displays a desire for innovation rarely seen in contemporary film, and delivers a picture packed with stunning set designs and a starry-eyed storyline.

It’s ‘Spring’ and all manner of love is in the air – ‘Spring’ is a romantic creature feature in which a man desperately tries to win the heart of his vacation fling who is a bit more concerned about her fluctuating flesh.

New on DVD for May 19 – This week’s releases include the all-encompassing collection of an HBO sensation; an Oscar hopeful that sparked some controversy; an exceptional Russian drama; and an animated musical with a familiar soundtrack.