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‘Wild City’ drags corruption through the streets of Hong Kong

‘Traders’ deals in humour and extraordinary enterprise – ‘Traders’ is a darkly humoured and entertaining story about a couple of guys who realize they can profit from the desperation of others guilt-free. Fantasia Film Festival plays host to two sold-out screenings of the film.

‘Tales of Halloween’ is a first-class horror compilation – ‘Tales of Halloween’ unites a group of talented directors to produce a series of entertaining horror shorts that all occur in the same town on the same night. The film had its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival just days after its completion

Old becomes new again in this week’s releases – This week’s releases include several older pictures that slid off anyone’s radar; a noteworthy comparison between possession and addiction; and a TV series that still acknowledges no boundaries.

‘Southpaw’s grit just isn’t enough – ‘Southpaw’ is the ultimate boxing movie in that we’ve seen it all before — but that doesn’t mean it can’t have any redeeming qualities.

Fantasy runs amok in this week’s releases – This week’s releases include an outstanding sci-fi picture that rivals its A.I. contemporaries; a couple of entertaining animated series that rely on very short formats; and a fantastic action picture featuring Donnie Yen.

Audiences get to know ‘Ant-Man’ without the usual distractions