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‘Deathgasm’ hooks audiences right up until the big finish – ‘Deathgasm’ is a heavy metal horror story that regales audiences with its loud and gory tale of a group of kids who mistakenly summon a world-ending demon.

‘The Hallow’ is an intensely dark Irish nightmare – The woodland creatures in ‘The Hallow’ create a tangible nightmare for a couple who discover not all folklore is to be taken with a grain of salt.

TIFF retrospective screens Maurice Pialat’s most successful film

Retro is in for this week’s releases – This week’s releases include a comprehensive collector’s edition of a cult classic; an award-winning horror comedy; a compelling TV event from M. Night Shyamalan; and an indie darling.

‘Rock the Kasbah’s cast brings down the house – ‘Rock the Kasbah’ is a quirky comedy starring Bill Murray as a music manager who finds his censored star in an Afghan cave.

‘The Last Witch Hunter’ isn’t slaying audiences – ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ forgets fantasy is about solid storytelling and instead focuses on the picture’s special effects.

‘Synchronicity’ delivers skilfully entwined time travel narrative