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‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is a gift-wrapped Halloween treat


Not everyone is going to make it in this week’s releases – This week’s releases include some mediocre horror and thrillers boosted by a ‘90s favourite; an in-depth look at the mafia; a big picture disaster movie to a fault; and a war drama with a unique perspective.

‘Experimenter’ is the human perspective of a scientific coup

‘Crimson Peak’ is possibly the best-looking ghost story on film

‘Bridge of Spies’ is a stirring but welcome crossing – ‘Bridge of Spies’ is a dialogue-heavy historical drama from Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, which manages to take its characters out of the typically stuffy back rooms and engage audiences for the entire length of its narrative.

New on DVD for October 13 – This week’s releases include witty and sarcastic television; horror movies unafraid of not-so-happy endings; everyone’s favourite blue genie; and a couple of excellent HBO Emmy nominees.

‘Pan’ is difficult to love and impossible to hate – ‘Pan’ is the newly imagined origin story of the beloved characters of ‘Peter Pan’ that doesn’t exhibit any commitment to its inspiration, but instead creates a wild world of radiant imagery and exaggerated characters.