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‘She Who Must Burn’ is intelligent and pointed horror – ‘She Who Must Burn’ is a thoughtful condemnation of extremists that doubles as an intense drama and engaging thriller. Shot in Vancouver, the film plays The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.

‘James White’ is a no-holds-barred emotional rollercoaster – ‘James White’ is an intensely emotional portrait of a young man who bottles up his own issues to help his mother during a difficult time.

‘Farhope Tower’ of terror opens Canadian horror fest – ‘Farhope Tower’ is a competent haunted house story that is constantly building out its narrative without ever straying too far from its core plot. Shot in Niagara Falls, the film opens The Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival.

The red and green in this week’s releases aren’t the jolly kind

Saoirse Ronan sweeps viewers off their feet in ‘Brooklyn’ – ‘Brooklyn’ is a charming tale of love and finding one’s home that is carried exquisitely by Saoirse Ronan who plays an Irish immigrant making a fresh start in the New York borough.

This week signals the start of holiday release season – This week’s releases include new gory, lenticular Blu-ray packaging for a popular series; the conclusion of a series and another that just seems to be getting started; and a box set that significantly extends your viewing experience beyond the Shire.

‘Love the Coopers’ is smothered in sugary melodrama – ‘Love the Coopers’ is the latest middling compilation of characters trying to navigate the holidays with their equally dissatisfied family members.