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‘The Finest Hours’ is a tale of bravery in many circumstances

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ continues to inspire with its relatable hero

Mixing old and new keeps this week’s releases fresh – This week’s releases include strong female characters with ambition and talent; a familiar war movie with uncommon participants; a set of older films that will thrill, repel and move audiences; and a trip down memory lane.

‘One Floor Below’ plays with audience expectations – ‘One Floor Below’ takes a common, adrenaline-fuelled plot and turns it into a slow burning thriller in which the anxiety gradually increases until it reaches the boiling point.

‘Boy and the World’ is a sad, wondrous and vivid journey – ‘Boy and the World’ is this year’s surprise animated Oscar nominee, but it more than earns its spot with a unique style and captivating story.

’45 Years’ is a slow burn that leaves an indelible mark – ’45 Years’ is the compelling and emotional tale of a marriage inconceivably strained by decades-long secrets on the eve of their anniversary, featuring a poignant performance by best actress Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling.

New on DVD for January 19 – This week’s releases include a chronicle of a sexual awakening; a battle for the Silk Road; a focused look at a vampiric character; and the worst boss ever.