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‘Triple 9’s cast is more than a triple threat – ‘Triple 9’ is one of the most thrilling heist movies to hit theatres in some time, capitalizing on its captivating cast to deliver a dark and concentrated crime drama.

If only we could all fly like ‘Eddie the Eagle’ – ‘Eddie the Eagle’ is the heartwarming true story of a young man who risked life and limb to achieve his dream of being an Olympian.

New on DVD for February 23 – This week’s releases include a few animated films that will appeal to various ages; a grisly double feature about unrelated transformations; a loyal yet contemporary retelling of a classic story; and an accidental female action lead.

‘The Witch’ is creepy in ways totally unrelated to the title

Real life is a major inspiration for this week’s releases – This week’s releases include real life stories that confound and inspire; thrillers with no bite; a classic example of TV decorum; several stories — old and new — that address racism; and selected works of an icon.

3D printing revolutionizing stop-motion animation industry – Stop-motion animation moved into the fast(er) lane when LAIKA studio decided to employ 3D technologies to create its characters’ thousands of faces.

‘Rams’ shows varied resilience in the face of conflict – ‘Rams’ is an Icelandic drama that weaves a gripping story about two estranged brothers who find common ground when their ancestral sheep-stock is threatened.