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This week’s releases include some distinctly different contributions to the horror genre; the concluding chapter to a fantastical trilogy; and the story behind TWLOHA.

This week’s releases include a new collection from TV’s greatest and oddest heroes; an animated film featuring a massive furball that oozes adorable; and the ideal reunion between two TV companions.

This week’s releases include two (and a half) Academy Award winners; the gruelling final season and the latest shock-filled season of two acclaimed series; a low-budget slasher that relies on its ingenuity; and a comedy that could have used more of it.

This week’s releases include an Oscar nominee and one deserving of more recognition; a reality series that goes deep behind the camera; a couple of unexpectedly satisfactory horror pictures; and the inspiration for a ‘90s phenomenon.

This week’s releases include a love story worth staying in for; some things to keep the kids entertained; horror movies of varying quality; a pristine sci-fi picture; and a violent tale of brotherhood.

This week’s releases include a trio of Studio Ghibli films new to Blu-ray; a top-notch action picture; and a horror movie that doesn’t venture outside the box.

This week’s releases include an old and new war drama; an Oscar-nominated performance alongside a plain-clothed superhero; a captivating story of betrayal and vengeance in two parts; and a silly sequel to an exhausted franchise.