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Toronto After Dark Film Festival logoIt’s been a little over a week since Toronto After Dark screened its last film of 2011. Diehard fans who took in all the genre fest had to offer have now adjusted to life without the nightly promise of blood, scares and goose bumps. But there is one ceremony that remained: the annual audience awards. Each year, audiences rate the films after viewing them, deciding the top three best feature films. In addition, following the festival, pass holders are asked to select their favourites in a number of categories and this year there were some clear choices that truly captivated the hearts, brains and screams of audiences. (more…)

A scene from The WomanThe Woman was a highly anticipated selection at Toronto After Dark, but not in the same way as many of the other films. The movie drew such a visceral reaction from one audience member at the Sundance Film Festival, he had to be removed from the theatre. Though the people that create these types of ultraviolent pictures usually have a reason for doing so that goes beyond blood and violence, it waited to be seen whether director Lucky McKee was successful in conveying his message. (more…)

A scene from The CorridorThe Corridor is a brilliant film in many respects – although its concept is somewhat abstract and it’s difficult to explain to others without spoiling the movie. Nonetheless, this picture is another example of the strong programming for Toronto After Dark 2011. (more…)

A scene from The DivideEnd of the world pictures are a favourite of independent directors because they provide an opportunity to create a world contained in a limited space. This Toronto After Dark‘s apocalyptic film is also it’s red carpet event. The Divide stars Michael Biehn, Michael Eklund and Milo Ventimiglia, and is from French director Xavier Gens – all of whom were in attendance for the sold out screening. (more…)

A scene from A Lonely Place to DieIn previous years, the action component of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival was typically fulfilled by Asian fight films. This year, audiences were ignited by an Australian mountain adventure that goes terribly awry. (more…)