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A scene from The DivideWith the end of the world on the horizon (if you believe in the Mayan-related predictions), 2012 is the ideal time to release any “last days on Earth” pictures. But it’s unlikely any of them will match the intensity and squalor of The Divide. The post-apocalyptic thriller from French director Xavier Gens slowly and graphically peels away the layers of humanity in a sealed basement as the outside world crumbles. But with time and despair, civility erodes and people become cruel and barbaric. We had a chance to speak with two of the film’s stars, Michael Biehn and Michael Eklund, after the movie’s red carpet premiere at last year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival. (more…)

Winnebago Man poster“The Winnebago Man,” a.k.a. “The Angriest Man on Earth,” is a character made infamous in the ’80s and ‘90s via the exchange of dubbed VHS tapes and later on YouTube with millions of hits and counting. The man behind the sensation is Jack Rebney, an elderly hermit who lives atop a mountain in California. We now know this because University of Texas film professor Ben Steinbauer made Rebney the subject of his first feature documentary, Winnebago Man. (more…)

The Human Resources Manager director Eran RiklisThe Human Resources Manager is essentially a road movie, but the characters are mismatched and very unconventional for the genre. Director Eran Riklis agreed, summing it up with, “It’s an asymmetrical road movie.” He notes that there must be two aspects to it: it must be a good physical trip, but an equally good emotional trip.


Cool It's Bjorn LomborgIndependent documentary director Ondi Timoner was approached by producers to direct a film about “The Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg. Not an issue-driven filmmaker, Timoner wasn’t sure why they’d selected her. So she did her research, read the book and met with Lomborg at the Cosmic Diner in New York. After a five-hour conversation, Timoner accepted the project with the intention of producing a follow-up to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and calling Lomborg out on everything to avoid making a fluff piece.


Buried's Ryan Reynolds and director Rodrigo Cortés**SPOILER ALERT**

To say Buried was a challenging shoot sounds like an understatement. The limits placed on director Rodrigo Cortés and actor Ryan Reynolds were severe; particularly since writer Chris Sparling had confined them to a narrow coffin.