‘Ghostbusters’ now taking calls in new trailer – The first full-length trailer for ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot features fantastic special effects and hints at a villain mastermind. http://ow.ly/3c1hTZ


New on DVD for March 1 – This week’s releases include an Oscar-winning turn by a talented actress; another film at the centre of the Oscar controversy; an entertaining retelling of tales from a galaxy far, far away; and a captivating cat-and-mouse chase through Belfast. http://ow.ly/3bYeXy

‘Only Yesterday’ is a lovely reflection on childhood influences http://ow.ly/3bWmZX

‘Triple 9’s cast is more than a triple threat – ‘Triple 9’ is one of the most thrilling heist movies to hit theatres in some time, capitalizing on its captivating cast to deliver a dark and concentrated crime drama. http://ow.ly/3bR8qT

If only we could all fly like ‘Eddie the Eagle’ – ‘Eddie the Eagle’ is the heartwarming true story of a young man who risked life and limb to achieve his dream of being an Olympian. http://ow.ly/3bMOs5

New on DVD for February 23 – This week’s releases include a few animated films that will appeal to various ages; a grisly double feature about unrelated transformations; a loyal yet contemporary retelling of a classic story; and an accidental female action lead. http://ow.ly/3bHuK0

‘The Witch’ is creepy in ways totally unrelated to the title http://ow.ly/3bwjWE