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It began as a 12-minute skit on “Funny or Die” – Will Ferrell impersonating the 43rd president of the United States George W. Bush. It was so well-received, they decided to turn it into a full-length Broadway show. From there, all that was left was a live broadcast creating Ferrell’s first HBO special.

Josh Brolin eerily channelled Bush Jr. in Oliver Stone’s W.; conversely, Ferrell’s rendition is not an outright caricature, but rather a light-hearted parody that reminds us of all the little things that allowed us to laugh during his eight years of reign. Recently unemployed, Bush (Ferrell) takes viewers on a semi-sentimental journey through his life, donning various outfits to match his personalities, such as “cowboy,” “frat boy” and “fighter.” The fun never stops as Bush delivers his usual unfiltered dialogue and indulges in a sultry fantasy starring Condoleezza Rice.

The special features include: a behind the scenes look in “Road to Broadway;” “Bush on Bush Interview,” which resembles the infamous David Frost/Richard Nixon interview; and a true or false game about the Bush administration.