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An action film is supposed to have peaks and dips like a roller coaster; not nearly level hills and shallow valleys.

Agent Caleb Smith (Jason Priestley) is boarding a plane to take a much-deserved vacation with his family when his phone rings. Loyal to the shield, he answers it and must abandon his family to handle a high-risk security breach. Dr. Daniel Winter (Lou Diamond Phillips) has stolen a dangerous scientific device from a government facility and it is up to Smith to find him. Unfortunately, Winter is on the plane Smith just dismounted. Now with time running out and his family’s life on the line, Smith must figure out how to get the plane safely on the ground and save the universe from total destruction.

This is a low-level sci-fi flick with B-level actors. That’s not to say the actors turn in bad performances; they’re simply mediocre. Everyone sports their most serious faces and gives out a sign of exasperation when appropriate. Phillips is reserved and outwardly unfeeling to his situation. Priestley does a lot of running around and some adequate pleading. The most frustrating character trait is the hostages’ inability to take advantage of opportunities to incapacitate their captors. Another scene of note is a shootout in a bank that comically resembles a western gunfight.

The special effects are decent looking. The vortexes and “null” world are eye-catching, with a striking blend of colours and the attraction of a dangerous approaching storm. The physical destruction does not appear entirely realistic but it serves its purpose. Furthermore, the juxtaposition of farmland with out-of-control technology works as well.

Other than numerous previews to upcoming releases, the only DVD special feature is a 15-minute “behind-the-scenes” featurette that includes interviews with cast members singing each other’s praises. Canadian director Jason Bourque also provides limited insight about the plot’s origins.