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A stuntman died and six others were injured on the set of John Woo’s new film in Beijing, according to The Beijing News and Xinhua.

The accident occurred while shooting the epic titled Chi Bi or The Battle of Red Cliff. It is based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

“The fire broke out early Monday morning when the crew were shooting a scene in which a small, smoking boat crashed with a large ancient war vessel,” Xinhua news agency said.

When the two crafts collided, an unchoreographed 30 metre flame jumped in the air, according to The Beijing news, citing crew from the northern set.

Woo was in Hong Kong at the time but rushed back upon learning of the accident. The second unit director was in charge in his absence.

The crew “is deeply distraught and full of regret. They are making every effort to make arrangements for the deceased, his family and the injured crew members,” a statement said.

The Beijing fire department is investigating the cause of the fatal blaze, which took the life of the 23-year-old stuntman.

Red Cliff has the biggest budget of any movie ever filmed in China at $80 million US.