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Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig in a scene from Cowboys & AliensIf extraterrestrials do exist, there’s no reason to believe their explorations of our planet would only begin in the twentieth century. Thus, the melding of the western and alien sci-fi genres was inevitable. However, the quality of the picture could not be so easily predicted. Thankfully, an excellent cast and crew came together to make Cowboys & Aliens an enjoyable movie experience. (more…)

This week’s releases spans a spectrum of genres: an early holiday issue with lots of extra goodies; an intriguing tale of murder and mystery; and an indie film about doing what’s right in life and love. (more…)

No one is able to depict the world of crime like master director Martin Scorsese. In 1990, he made one of the best gangster films of all time: Goodfellas.

Following a trio of gangsters over 30 years, we witness their rise up the criminal ranks and eventual falls to personal demons. Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) are a couple of half Irish kids that want nothing more than to be a part of the mob that runs their neighbourhood; however, their heritage guarantees they’ll never be full members of the crime family. Nonetheless, with their friend Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci), the group makes their impression and gains the boss’ trust. Tommy’s temper and business choices threaten their careers many times, but they have each other’s backs almost to the end.

The illicit tale is based on true events, but Scorsese’s brilliant storytelling truly brings the narrative to life. It is also no surprise Pesci earned an Academy Award for his role, as he presented one of the most memorable personalities and delivered one of the most repeated pieces of dialogue in film history, which begins with “What do you mean I’m funny?” The film was also nominated for five other Oscars, including best picture and best director (both categories were lost to Dances with Wolves).

Goodfellas is on par with the greatest mob picture, The Godfather. And if imitation is the best form of flattery, then “The Goodfeathers” on Warner Bros.’s Animaniacs was a significant compliment.

Special features for the 20th anniversary edition include: commentary with Scorsese, Liotta, Lorraine Bracco, Paul Sorvino, Frank Vincent, co-screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi, producers Irwin Winkler and Barbara De Fina, cinematographer Michael Ballhaus and editor Thelma McDonald; another commentary with Henry Hill and former FBI Agent Edward McDonald; “Getting Made,” a making-of featurette; “Made Men: The Goodfellas Legacy” comprised of filmmakers such as Jon Favreau, Joe Carnahan, Antoine Fuqua and Frank Durabont discussing film’s influence; “The Workaday Gangster,” in which actors and filmmakers tell stories about growing up in a world of small-time hoods; ‘Paper is Cheaper than Film,” a glimpse into Scorsese’s creative process; Public Enemies: The Golden Age of the Gangster Film documentary; four mob-themed WB cartoons; and a 34-page book.