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This week’s releases include: a stoner holiday special; a case of mistaken identity; a family from hell; a real-life terrorist hi-jacking; a classic K-9 love story; an ill-fated relationship; a space parody; a philosophical debate; and a severe cop drama. (more…)


It’s four years later and the story has been picked up from right where we left them: Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) are packing their bags and following the building hottie Maria (Paula Garcés) to Amsterdam.

But because of a poorly hidden bong, they are mistaken for on-flight terrorists. After an interrogation and denial of rights by drunk with power Agent Ron Fox (Rob Corddry), they are expedited to Guantanamo Bay. Their escape and journey to clear their names are a cross-country misadventure that includes a bottomless party, KKK bonfire and encounters with a Cyclops seeking a bedmate and a pot-smoking George W. Bush (James Adomian). All the while, Fox is on their tale determined to get “justice” despite the lack of evidence or reason.

Some familiar faces return for part two of Harold and Kumar’s crazy week, including David Krumholtz and Eddie Kaye Thomas (Goldstein and Rosenberg), Christopher Meloni (Grand Wizard a.k.a. Freakshow from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris (who is continuing his drug-addled trip).

Writers/directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg use the characters’ ethnicity to be political this time around, taking jabs at security’s “random selections,” the Patriot Act, and President Bush. Meanwhile, the guys are a little more mature as they seek happiness through coupling with Harold trying to get to Maria and Kumar conspiring to break-up the wedding of a lost love (Danneel Harris).

The DVD is packed with extras, including two commentaries, 27 additional scenes, a Bush PSA, and the “The World of Harold and Kumar” featurette with lots of interviews. The stand-out special feature is “Dude, change the movie!” While watching the movie, the viewer can choose to change the destiny of Harold and Kumar – you can leave them in Cuba or send them straight to Amsterdam. Several of the choices bring the film to an early end, while others are hilariously revealing.