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A scene from The DayWhen it comes to post-apocalyptic movies, we’ve pretty much seen it all: vampires, zombies, disease, nuclear holocaust. Whatever the reason, the world becomes a bleak, dangerous place void of law or peace. In The Day, you get to pick your poison because the filmmakers don’t want to waste you’re valuable time duplicating what you’ve already seen; instead, they jump right into the middle of the story and never look back. (more…)


A scene from The IncidentThere was a bit of a commotion at the Midnight Madness screening of The Incident: two people passed out some time after the midway point of the film. Guess they weren’t expecting the torture porn either. (more…)

A scene from LividIf you were at Midnight Madness’ closing film in 2007, then you may remember Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo and their ghastly little thriller, Inside (À l’intérieur). The co-writer/director duo is back this year with a very different picture. They haven’t left the horror genre, but they’ve definitely gone down a different road. (more…)

A scene from The RaidTo open a program like Midnight Madness, the movie has to be attention-grabbing and preferably like nothing you’ve ever seen. There is no doubt The Raid is that film. To say it’s an action flick doesn’t do the breakneck fight sequences justice; it’s so much more than that. (more…)

Leon Lai in Fire of ConscienceHong Kong action cinema is certainly past its heyday, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Talented young filmmakers are breathing new life into the genre via hard-hitting, fast-paced dramas. Alongside Johnnie To and Wilson Yip, director Dante Lam is carrying the torch with his latest picture, Fire of Conscience. It’s loud, the fight sequences are mesmerizing and the narrative is strong enough to keep your attention between punches.


Vampire in Jim Mickle's Stake LandThe post-apocalyptic sub-genre of horror and sci-fi films are popular amongst filmmakers because it often means being able to tell a story on a tight budget. The world has been razed by some force so there’s no need to put a lot of cash into elaborate set designs; it just has to look demolished. That said, because there are so many entries into the category, it’s important to present an original idea or risk losing the audience. Stake Land adds vampires to the mix, but fails to shake up anything else.


Carrie Ng in Red NightsRed Nights marks two significant events: a debut and an overdue return. The film is directors Julien Carbon and Laurent Courtiaud’s first feature, having built their careers as screenwriters, most notably for Johnnie To’s thriller Running Out of Time. The long awaited return is that of Hong Kong starlet Carrie Ng, who is famous for her sexy and deadly presence in such films as Naked Killer and Sex and Zen. These occasions blend as the perfect ingredients for an erotic thriller evocative of Dario Argento’s bloody escapades into sex and death.