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This week’s releases include: an alien invasion; an environmental crusader; an unique serial killer story; a guilt-driven monster movie; a British spy drama; and the third sequel to a horror movie. (more…)

Kristen Wiig, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in a scene from PaulThe attraction so many feel towards this film has a simple motivation: its pair of geek celebrity stars, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The writing/acting duo first captured our attentions in the breakout zombie romantic comedy Shaun of the Dead, and then they maintained them with their followup, Hot Fuzz. The trailers for their third film, Paul, looked promising and it won’t disappoint. The guys take their fandom to a new level of dedication and hilarity – the stoner alien is simply a bonus. (more…)

Pirate Radio may not be entirely historically accurate, but it is an enjoyable peek into a moment in history.

It’s an irreverent yet fact-based tale of a seafaring band of rogue rock and roll deejays whose pirate radio captivated and inspired 1960s Britain. When a group of rebellious deejays decide to defy the UK government’s ban on rock music, they take to the seas to broadcast music and mayhem to millions of adoring fans.

It goes without saying the soundtrack to this film is astounding, ranging from The Who, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones; though as one informed viewer points out, the songs are not chronically accurate by release date. Nonetheless, even when the storyline weakens slightly, there is a rock classic there to pick up the slack and push the narrative forward.

The cast is fantastic and very well chosen. Nighy rarely disappoints and his flair for music has been captured on screen here again. Hoffman is equally absorbed by his role in a period that seems to hold great appeal for him. In addition, Pirate Radio is the newest ensemble comedy from filmmaker Richard Curtis (screenwriter of Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill, and writer/director of Love Actually).

Special features include: feature commentary with Curtis, producer Hilary Bevan Jones, actors Nick Frost and Chris O’Dowd; and deleted scenes.