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This week’s releases include: a depression-era series; an unusual love story; a film standard; a tired horror story; a religious awakening; a deadly family vacation; a game of cat and mouse; an historical family undone; a sports legend; a penguin adventure; a cop drama; Shakespeare’s last play on screen; and a double standard exemplified. (more…)

This week’s releases include: two exploits of the “Man with no name”; a cop thriller about an impressionist killer; an environmental documentary; a cop thriller about an impressionist killer; a humorous, relatable documentary; an interpretation of a bloody civil war; the reimagining of history with marionettes; an interesting exercise in examining a relationship; a samurai film turned western; a religious murder mystery; an original sequel to a remake; the tale of two blue lovebirds; a crime drama; a real-life success story; and a vampire apocalypse film. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an entertaining, lovable drunk; a new type of drug addict; a family spiralling out of control; and a group of people fighting for what belongs to them. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a few acclaimed tough guys don dresses; a dramatic glimpse at life; a crew of green recruits are thrown into the deep end; the adventures of a man and his orangutan; an animated recount of the making of a superhero;  an iconic musical about protesting the Vietnam War; a Korean cop thriller; the unique union of four real-life brothers in one film; a documentary about Earth’s “lost world”; a buddy film; Martin Scorsese’s musical tribute to the Big Apple; an unrated, steamy love story; a hardened man can’t fight his instincts; the untold story of black men in a western; a modern take on the Robin Hood legend; a collection of all the Superman films; a look at how the age of Blackberrys informs our love lives; a western starring legendary screen icons; and a star-studded Western double-bill. (more…)

This week’s releases include: the film version of a stage musical and the story of man overwhelmed by loneliness and disgust. (more…)

This week’s releases include: a sci-fi tour de force; a famous, tragic love story; a plunge into darkness; the true story of a kind-hearted drug dealer; the ultimate public, political betrayal; an entrancing mafia tale; a new Charlie Brown narrative; an amazing crime drama; an appalling future; an HBO series about the New Orleans; and a documentary that demonstrates one man’s trash is another’s treasure. (more…)

Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper in a scene in LimitlessIt’s been said we only use a fifth of our brain to complete everyday tasks. It’s been suggested that if we could unlock the other four-fifths, we could do extraordinary things, such as levitate or move objects telekinetically. But what if the result wasn’t that extravagant? What if it simply made you intellectually superior in every way? The possibilities would be endless. (more…)