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This week’s releases include: a martial arts picture; a unique love story; the most recent season of TV’s most popular comedy; the sophomore season of a high school musical; an intriguing family drama; a documentary about a long, sci-fi debate; a woman ascends above her “station”; the fight for abnormal protection continues; a gladiator thrives to meet his goal; a pair of brothers battle evil to save their souls; a couple of real-life friends go on a voyage; and the beginning of the mutant war is revealed. (more…)

This week’s releases include: an overview of a complicated family; mankind’s first trip to Mars; a sci-fi depiction of a dog eat dog world; all five seasons of the exploration of the Lost City; a never-before-seen adaption; an indie drama about indie rockers; a tale about AI gone bad; and the story of a boy forced to make difficult decisions. (more…)

Nicolas Cage and Claire Foy in a scene from Season of the WitchFor a few years now, seeing Nicolas Cage’s name attached to a film has usually meant over-the-top camp. And for the most part I’m all right with that because I enjoy watching him play these strange characters. So when I first saw the trailer for Season of the Witch, I was somewhat excited, expecting a fun movie filled with cheesy lines and a predictable plot. The inclusion of Ron Perlman did nothing to dissuade my expectations. However, apart from one moment that had the entire theatre erupt with laughter, it’s a pretty serious supernatural film. (more…)

This is a week of the unusual with augmenting parasites, various paranormal experiences and a young woman’s untraditional introduction to love and sex.


Spawned after the popularity of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural took demon hunting to a more practical place.

Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) grew up hunting terrifying things, but he’s put that behind him to attend law school and live a more conventional life. When Sam’s estranged brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) appears with news their father has disappeared, the brothers reunite to find their father as well as pick-up where he left off – the family business. (more…)