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This week’s releases include: a captivating tale of envy and ambition; the epitome of love stories; a single location murder mystery; the third chapter in a Muay Thai extravaganza; a missile on rails; the latest Woody Allen picture; and a gorier sequel to a serial killer flick. (more…)

Ong Bak brought the art of Muay Thai to North America through action sensation Tony Jaa. After that film’s release, everyone knew his name. Using a simple storyline, Jaa’s character was able to fight numerous opponents in various arenas while moving closer to completing his task.

When Ong Bak 2 was announced, a similarly simple plot combined with jaw-dropping action was expected. Instead, the movie almost entirely foregoes including a narrative. The sequel is mostly just a string of fight sequences performed in front of one set; the only variance occurs when an elephant briefly enters the melee.

Muay Thai enthusiasts will likely be entertained by this fast-paced display of athleticism and skill. However, most others will eventually become bored after the umpteenth elbow or kick to the head (which while impressive, can only be amusing for so long). Now available for home viewing, this picture is a great choice to play on silent during a party or gathering – the sound is unnecessary, but it can still be an interesting topic of discussion or brief distraction from mingling.

Special features on the two-disc edition include: “HDNet: A Look at Ong Bak 2”; two behind the scenes featurettes; a making-of featurette; interviews with cast and crew; and a teaser trailer for Ong Bak 3.