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This week’s releases include: the tale of a vengeful killer; a political biopic; Woody Allen’s latest picture; a scary Christmas story; a survival narrative; a vampire-werewolf romance; and a family’s struggle worked out in MMA. (more…)


Many of this week’s releases appear a little late for Halloween, but there’s also some entertaining family drama: a magical people attempts to avoid extinction via industrial progress; a couple stumbles upon a town with dangerously peculiar children; a VHS camcorder captures all the family moments no one wants to remember; a ghostly possession could lead to the end of the world; a woman discovers she’s not who she thought she was; a young man befriends an eccentric gigolo; a weekend of gaming goes terribly wrong; a family is forever changed after the kids seek out their father; and a deranged family’s harvest involves collecting people. (more…)